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Strategies and empirical management tools for continuous business growth


Business Units

In order to provide a specialised approach for different types of projects, ISC is divided into 3 business units:


ISC Management Services

Responsible management philosophies for the modern transparent organisation


  • Interim/Project Management (strategic/operational/marketing/financial)
  • Change Management Consulting, Culture Modernisation
  • Strategic Planning, Marketing/Management/Corporate Strategy Consulting
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring

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ISC Business Intelligence 

Performance optimisation through change-responsive empirical decision-making models


  • Solutions Consulting (system/process selection)
  • IT Business Process Consulting, Process Analysis for Data Selection and Modelling
  • Custom Solutions (system design/development)
  • Information Analysis and/or System Control/Maintenance Contracting

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ISC Custom Strategies

Tailor-made alternative strategies and future-fit business models


  • Creative Services (solution/product/brand/strategy development)
  • Product/Brand Positioning, New Market Strategies (penetration/instigation)
  • Business Planning/Leasing (concept development/deployment)

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ISC serves both large and small organisations, in earlier projects ISC has developed specialisations in a broad variety of industries. ISC also has a special interest in niche market start-ups. To find out what ISC can offer your organisation please contact us directly.





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