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Management Principles

In all of its activities ISC adheres to some basic modern management principles: 

  • The world is ever-changing at an ever-faster rate. Changes made within an organisation are often outdated as soon as they are completed, truly effective changes are those that improve the ability to change and the speed with which a need for change can be identified.
  • Operating within modern societies, established management and marketing philosophies do not make optimal use of intellectual capabilities. By embracing individuals’ ability to make educated decisions and trusting in their individual ambitions to succeed, workers can be empowered, customers can be made participants, and the two can steer the organisation towards optimal gain. Management’s role becomes only to guide the process.
  • Organisations are participants in society and therefore need to be governed responsibly as such, leading by example. The environment has its limits, these need to be respected. Due diligence is not optional, true leaders own all outcomes of their decisions. All people are fundamentally autonomous. 
  • All truth is measurable. In modern organisations information on all internal and external activities can be collected as data relatively easily. Decision-making on all levels can and should be fact-based, a BI system/department is the spinal cord of any competitively advantaged organisation.
  • Reward should go to those that prevent problems as much as to those that fix them, as it should go to those that create opportunities as much as to those that utilise them. Incorrect or unfair personnel reviews cause the most promising talent to leave an organisation. Talent to do a job should outway a talent to discuss it. Currency is a lesser reward for true talent.
  • Truly superior products/services do not require push-promotion, they need only recognition of their potential to add value and referral on their merit. Discerning customers are the medium for recognition and attempts to undermine their judgment are more insulting than successful. Better investments ultimately make products a superior fit for their intended audience.
  • The "extra mile" has gotten lost in contemporary (western) business environments. Though seemingly an unnecessary drain on short-term profit margins, solid long-term customer relationships are well-established as boosters of long-term profits. Customer relationships are not built by push-marketing techniques, they are built and nurtured by going the extra mile.
  • Social media is a means of interaction for dynamic and responsive organisations with their communities. Entering onto an interactive platform as a rigid classic organisation as another form of push-marketing, does more harm to a classic image than it helps forge a modern one. It is not a form of modernisation in itself.

Some management principles and tools that we generally promote are:

  • Time and place independent working (Het Nieuwe Werken, HNW)
  • Lean6Sigma customer centralisation and workforce involvement (L6S)
  • Personnel Involvement Surveying (Medewerkers Betrokkenheid Onderzoek, MBO)
  • Customer Transparency, honest informative marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Governance (CSR, Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen, MVO)
  • Channel Optimisation, proactive Partner Management and strategic collaboration
  • First Time Right, better to take longer than to do over, avoiding damage control
  • Best in Class / Industry performance benchmarking
  • Best Practices development, documentation and sharing
  • Balanced Scorecards business/process monitoring (Key Performance Indicators, KPI)
  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management principles

ISC serves both large and small organisations, in earlier projects ISC has developed itself in a broad variety of industries. Additionally ISC has a special interest in niche market start-ups.

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