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ISC was first founded as "Inside Sales Consultancy" in 2007 as a sole proprietorship in Inside Sales strategy consulting and resulting Operations Planning optimisation. From the start ISC promoted an own approach theory centralising Inside Sales (including Order Management) on a higher level and modelling communication channels as such to ensure rapid operational response in terms of capacity planning, amongst other things.

ISC soon developed into a Sales and Operations Planning consultancy, focussing on communication methods and information modelling for decision-making purposes in particular. After projects ranging from Forecast Channel Development to forecast Data Collection Systems, Operational/Business Process Development and Optimisation, and (ERP/CRM/SRM) System Flag Optimisation (for data enrichment simplification), to general data collection (Modelling/Warehousing) and Integrated Reporting System Development (combining multiple ERP's, CRM's, SRM, WMS's, POS's, HRM and CMS systems, for multinational corporate holding analysis), ISC began operating under the alias "ISC Business Intelligence".

ISC Business Intelligence is very proud of its seemingly unique ability to combine an understanding of commercial/operational business objectives with an understanding of comprehensive IT infrastructure, ensuring that projects' intended (and perceived) results match practical outcomes. A project managed by ISC therefore ensures maximum physical usage of the functional capabilities of deliverables (i.e. systems, processes), resulting in optimal strategic/tactical advantage and full justification of project costs.

At the same time ISC was equally strong in Business Processes, both supportive of sound BI practices (process and/or system enhancements for BI purposes) and resulting out of BI analysis (re-design in optimisation, operational excellence), but also for ERP selection and implementation, for a long time using the alias "ISC IT Business Processes" though now re-united under ISC Business Intelligence. Managing the changes that come with reorganising operational processes, at times also effecting organisational structure, and requiring an enthusiastic embrace by personnel, a specialisation in Change Management developed. Coupled with commercial Sales and Marketing expertise as well as a talent for the Strategic application of (un)discovered abilities and newly arisen advantages, and to not let these go to waste, "ISC Management Services" was equally brought to life. ISC Management Services has successfully handled a wide variety of management challenges, from international marketing strategy development to financial/accounting and supply chain (interactive) process optimisation, to personnel (development) planning and cross-border outsourcing.

Though farmiliar with (most) modern project management methodologies, ISC believes that in project management one size rarely fits all and that a more flexible approach better suites its service philosophy and better allows for application of its management concepts. For each project ISC develops a custom approach and project plan best suited to the organisation and specific project requirements. At the same time ISC recognises that implementation of more rigid project management guidelines may be required on more operational levels of an organisation. 

The latest addition to the team was "ISC Custom Strategies" which was added to incorporate the strategic concepts and innovative creations flowing out of ISC, into a tangible business partner with a unique approach and identifiable services. The three were later brought back together under the unifying name "ISC Business Solutions". ISC now focuses on providing multidisciplinary solutions to complex business cases utilising its 3 individual business units as required, developing organisations' unique competitive strategies and preparing for future business growth: 

"Strategies and empirical management tools for continuous business growth"

ISC now enjoys a large international network of (internationally) experienced self-employed professionals enabling flexibility and end-to-end Project Management on any scale. Additionally ISC aims to further develop its Custom Strategies activities and further expand its customer base internationally.


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