ISC Business Solutions
Strategies and empirical management tools for continuous business growth



Welcome on the website of ISC, a business development agency with a global vision.

ISC provides effective and creative solutions to organisations that aim to balance best in class operations with organisational flexibility.

ISC aims to provide consulting and management services exceeding the highest expectations, going beyond theory and ensuring a solid fit of our solutions in the practical aspects of an organisation. In doing so ISC adheres to some basic modern management principles and combines specialisations in Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Sales, IT and Operational Excellence.

ISC serves both large and small organisations, with a special interest in niche market start-ups. In earlier projects ISC has developed itself in a broad variety of industries.

To find out what tailor-made solutions ISC can offer your organisation please contact us directly.

ISC currently runs 3 business units offering a variety of services, providing specialised solutions with each their own approach to problem solving and business development. Together they can create total solutions for bringing organisations into the modern era, to the next level, or back from the edge, providing sustainable future business growth.

ISC proudly advocates going the extra mile (1.609 kilometers) as a business strategy and applies this to its own services and projects. To learn more about ISC history, methods and services please see the about page.

At ISC we are always open to forming new partnerships. For any type of information or request please do not hesitate to contact us directly.